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Jumat, 27 April 2012

Nation Quest Guide Elite Cabal Reloaded

This is by no means my guide. I found this gem on the games pirate forums and thought it would help alot of people here hurry and get there nations if they knew they did not have to do all of the 250+ quests to get nation.

Ammount of quests needed: 127 Total

#your starting town# (5 Quests)
The Truth About The Research Group (10 Quests)
->The investigation Committee
->Markus's Excitement
->The Worry of the Merchants
->The Officer's Recommendation
->The Problem Child, Naain
->The uncontrollable Arionell
->The Worried Aike
->Bein's Request
->The Items Naain Stole Away
->Naain's Laboratory

The Sage Tower (1 Quest)
->The Appointment of the 8th Sage

The Book of Apocalypse: Part 1 (5 Quests)
->Veradix's Visit
->Veradix's Request
->Captian Mark's Test
->The Legacy of the Sages
->The Fighter Who Leads the Stars

The Secret Organization: Part 1 (7 Quests)
->The Flow of Destruction
->The Concern of the Guards
->The Leader of the Knights, Luaan
->Maintaining Order
->The Opposition of the Merchants
->The Owner of the Emblem
->Reporting to Veradix

The Secret Organization: Part 2 (7 Quests)
->The Beginning of Another Search
->The Cranky Alchemist
->Tesky's Conditions
->The Shady Wizards
->The Wizard's Laboratory Part 1
->Arionell, Immersed in Trouble
->The Wizard's Laboratory Part 2

The Book of Apocalypse: Part 2 (5 Quests)
->Sirius' Summoning
->The Second Piece
->The Third Piece
->Apocalypse Card
->Veradix's Destiny

The Book of Apocalypse: Part 3 (10 Quests)
->The Second Knight
->Another Knight
->The Search
->The Troublesome Investigation
->A New Colleague
->Promise of a Meeting
->Clue 1
->Clue 2
->The Last Card
->The Last Knight

The Sword of the Guardian (18 Quests)
->The Vanished Knight
->The Owner of the Third Card
->Pursue, Patren
->Arionell? Aike?

->Sirius' Letter
->Port Lux, Heathens
->Arionell Leaves
->The Sacrifice of the Heathens
->Candid Provocation
->The Undead Clan
->The Return of Arionell
->The Restless Companion Star
->Maintaining Battle Lines
->Bitter Enemies in the Same Boat
->The Altar of Blizzard
->Another Beginning
->The Outbreak of War

The War (7 Quests)
->The Burgeoning War
->The Void in Order
->The Dissolution of the Merchants
->Conveying a Cryptogram
->Guerilla Warfare
->The Mechanic Demons
->An Armistace Agreement

The Missing King (20 Quests)
->The End of Wandering
->Patren's Wherabouts
->The Discovery of the Survey Party
->Silverwood's Identity
->The Clan Master
->The Sad Arionell
->Meeting in the Seaside Cave
->The Spy in the Tower
->The Child with the Revelation
->The Plant Clan and the Wizards
->A Union with a Stern Customer
->Tesky's Aid
->The Tiny Onwer of the Red Jungle
->The Land of the Metal Clan
->The Ties of the Heathens
->The Truth Told by the Aldebaran
->The Arrow that Lost Its Master
->The Dark Clan and the Cabal

Cabal Vs. Cabal (27 Quests)
->Mystic Blade
->The Truth of the Seventh Core
->The Location of the ASC Core
->ASC Controller
->The Conclave of the Metal Clan
->The Ancient City of Ruins
->The Nature of the Wizards Guild
->The Steel Alliance
->The Advent of Destruction
->A Child Is Crying
->The Wound
->They Enemy, Silverwood
->The Return of Sirius
->The Unraveling Plot
->The Land of the Undead
->The Enemy Behind(g) the Wall of Ice
->Where Is Aldebaran
->The Third Sage
->Confrontation with a Traitor
->Yuan's Preparations for the End
->The Legacy Hidden in the Tower
->What Naain Saw
->The Vampire Rigel
->The Incomplete Succession

War Clouds (5 Quests)
->The Foolish War
->The Life-Threatening Cold
->The Unceasing Rain
->The Wrath of the Shrine Guardian
->The Tower of Sages, Divide

Hope this guide will motivate some people to get there nations

Sabtu, 21 April 2012

Hidden Items [] | The Sims Social by CC

Peralatan :

Caranya :
  1. Download dulu fiddler
  2. Kemudian Install Fiddler
  3. Baru jalankan Fiddler
  4. Klik Tab AutoResponder (yg icon-nya petir hijau)
  5. Centang kotak "Enable automatic responses" dan juga "Permit passthrough for unmatched request"
  6. Di Extract lebih dulu "Sims Hack" nya
  7. Jatuhkan (Drag) file yang sudah di Extract tadi ke kolom AutoResponder
  8. Setelah itu bersihkan chace
  9. Masuk ke The Sims Social
  10. Setelah itu lihat "Shop" Lalu pilih "Misc"
  11. Jika kurang jelas silahkan lihat video di bawah ini
Cara Menghapus chace :
  • Untuk Mozilla Firefox : Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Pilih Network Tab -> Clear Now -> Klik OK
  • Untuk Google Chrome : Pilih icon yang berada di pojok kanan atas (sebelah bintang) -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Clear Browsing Data -> Empty the cache -> Clear Browsing Data

Wenda Devi Di Keluarkan Di Cherry Belle

Kamis (12/4/2012) akhirnya produser girlband Cherrybelle, Teguh resmi mengumumkan sebab hengkangnya kedua personel Cherrybelle yaitu Devi dam Wenda. Teguh membantah jika keduanya keluar karena berkonflik, mempunyai job lain ataupun melanggar pantangan chibi untuk berpacaran.

Teguh mengungkapkan jika keputusan pihak manajemen untuk mengganti posisi Devi dan Wenda sepenuhnya karena kebutuhan konsep. Kedianya dinilai telah beranjak dewasa dan tak lagi sesuai dengan konsep Cherrybelle yang girly.

"Wenda dan Devi sudah beranjak menjadi wanita dewasa. Sulit untuk mengikuti konsep dari Cherrybelle yang girly," jelasnya, dalam jumpa pers di SCTV Tower, Senayan City, Jakarta, Kamis (12/4), seperti dilansir dari tabloidbintang.

Produser yang lain, Dino, menambahkan, Cherrybelle dibentuk dengan mengusung konsep yang terdiri dari tiga poin. Devi dan Wenda sudah terlalu dewasa dan dirasa selain tak lagi bis girly, keduanya juga tak lagi bis amemenuhi unsur fun and teen.

"Kami membentuk Cherrybelle sebagai sebuah brand. Dimana brand tersebut terdiri dari tiga unsur, yakni fun and teen, singing and dancing skill, dan good looking with aura star," papar Dino.